Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looks like the world isn't going to end after all...

We're a day away from "the end of the world," but no one knows how it's supposed to end. There are a lot of theories, but according to NASA "no apocalyptic claims have any scientific footing." There's nothing catastrophic heading for Earth... no planet, no large meteors.

Unless something completely unpredictable happens, it's probably going to end up being just another day.

That's kind of disappointing. I'm ready to see some mountains turn into valleys! Ahhhh, dang it. Guess it won't happen in my lifetime. But who knows? We shall see. 

If it does end tomorrow, I wanna go out like Woody Harrelson in the movie 2012:

Screaming about how beautiful it all is. Going down in a blaze of glory.

Because (dangit!) I didn't plan ahead and get tickets to whatever party Britney Spears is probably throwing:

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