Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Paperwork and Adoption Training


We turned in all of our paper paperwork. We got our username and password in the mail so that we could get the online paperwork done. It's a lot of repetitive stuff. And lots and lots and lots of questions about our marriage, our previous adoption, our employment and finances, our parents and siblings, our home, our neighborhood, our health, and our parenting philosophies, etc. Fun, fun!

We got stuck on this portion last time when we couldn't find health insurance because of my PCOS. That was a nightmare. We weren't allowed to move past a certain section until we could type in what health insurance we had and what it would cover as far as the adoption was concerned (apparently some health insurance companies/policies cover a birthmother's medical expenses? I don't know what insurance does that... sounds like crazy talk to me, but maybe I'm just not rich enough to have that kind of fancy pants insurance). Zay's job will cover us all starting in February, so I'm so relieved to not have to worry about that again. For a second there, I was worried about it when I was deemed uninsurable. But we got a private health insurance company to give us a decent policy to cover Zay and Kal. I'm still uninsurable, but whatever. I just have to wait it out until February when we all get covered under Zay's employer's plan. I'm fine with that. (I hate health insurance.)

So, with no hindrance there... we finished the online portion of the paperwork, which just took a lot of dedicated time in front of the computer and a little bit of soul-searching. We don't have to create our profile with cute pictures of us yet, or fill out that "preferences" checklist for the "kind of child we want" (silly, silly checklist). That comes later. But it included some Adoption Training - 10 hours of training for me and 10 hours of training for Zay. Fuuuuuun. Ha ha. Last time we had to actually go to a training that had lots of speakers, but now they do it all online. Which made it more convenient. But cost us an extra $300. Blah. Don't you love surprise fees?! The training included strategies to talk to your kids about adoption at different developmental stages, ways to help adopted children cope with grief and loss, ways to implement a successful open adoption and the benefits of it, attachment, standing out as a "conspicuous" family, discipline, etc.

Anyways, we got a huge chunk of this process DONE in the last few weeks! That makes me happy. :)

So, NEXT STEPS: Check up on everything to make sure it all went through and the agency has everything as far as paperwork is concerned. Make appointments for our individual interviews with the caseworker.

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