Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moving and Babyproofing

We moved a few months ago! Downsized to a smaller, more affordable place. It's a very cute house with a yard. And we save a few hundred $$ a month. Woot woot! I really like it. It's very cozy. :)

I was impressed with the people who came out and helped us move and clean our old place! What great people. Made the transition much easier. Especially since I did all the packing and moving while Zay was at work! I got a U-Haul truck and I would NOT have been able to pack that thing, drive it, unpack it, and return it all by myself. No way! So, I really really really appreciated all the help. It went really well.

This boy LOVES to sweep, so he was more than happy to help.
Packed tight in the car, everything ready to go! He likes to chill with his hands behind his head when he's in his carseat.
So, for a couple weeks my house looked like this:

But I spent day-in and day-out unpacking and finding a place for everything and making sure everything's in its place. It's been fun... and we've had a lot of fun in this place already!

Lots of:

Outside time!
The Fall was beeeeautiful.
This is his "working hard," concentrating face.
Then, winter brought snow, snow, snow!
The cold keeps us inside now. Lots of coloring. :)

And a little bit of cousin time! :)
Video gaming it up. :)

I've been babyproofing everything now that Kal has decided that he finally wanted to walk and climb and open things, etc. It was nice with him being a late-walker, because I could control what he got into very easily. Not so much anymore! Babyproofing and cleaning has gone well. Decorating... not so much. You see that picture frame on the wall in the picture above? I've had it for about a year and it holds 10 pictures and I've only put 3 in it. Ha ha. I keep saying I'll finish it, but there's the proof that I haven't yet. I did put it on the wall, so yay. :)

Look at him... already touching stuff!!! Ha ha. Demonstrating the need for baby proofing.

Plus, we have our home visit coming up!.. In which our adoption caseworker will want to see that we have a super safe place for a kid. You know... no guns laying around on the table, no frayed wires hanging from the ceiling, no dead bodies under the floorboards... you know, the usual. So I'm finishing up shoving all the skeletons in the closet this weekend in preparation. :) I'm kidding! I'm so ready for this! Excitiiiiiing!

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