Sunday, December 16, 2012

Open Adoption: Don't Knock It Till You Try It

Inspired by THIS POST.

I love my son's birth mother. :)

Kal will know her, have her picture, talk to her when he needs to. And I will teach him to honor her just like he will honor me as his mother and Zay as his father. They will always have a special relationship. If at all possible, I want to give that to all my children who come to us through adoption.

Not everyone understands that, not everyone would want that. But that is our decision and what we think is best. No family secrets, no deception, no confusion about his adoption. He will know the truth. This will be normal for him, because we will talk about it openly and honestly.

He just has an extra set of extended family who loves him as much as we do. That will be special and unique to him. No jealousy/insecurity from me as his mother. I know I'm his mother. No confusion there. I simply cannot imagine severing such a deep mother-son bond that he will always share with his birthmom... because she carried him... she gave birth to him. That's something you never forget. That love will always be there. And I want him to have that.

Helping me mail a letter to his birthmom. :)
Enjoying a visit. :)

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