Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paperwork Continues

I can't believe how fast Kal is growing up! He definitely needs a sibling soon. :)

After repeatedly telling us that they didn't need any more information to process our Adoption Tax Credit claim, the IRS finally got in touch with us... and asked for more information. So, that information is sent along. And we're waiting. Yet again.

I didn't want to wait anymore to move on in the adoption process though, so I sold a huge chunk out of our DVD collection (a big thanks to all those who came and bought some!) and took on extra hair appointments to raise the $1,000. We paid the fee, got our physical exams done (we are in awesome health! - even better than when we did this the first time around), and turned in our background check paperwork. All that should be good to go now!

We have some employment/financial verification papers to fill out and then we can move on to the online portion of the paperwork. We will be getting our username and password to sign into the adoption website in the mail soon.

So, NEXT STEPS: Forget about the tax refund money for now. We won't need it until a baby is placed with us anyway, so we've got time. Be patient with the IRS. Finish the last bit of paper-paperwork and then complete the online portion (which will include our "preferences" for a child and a lengthy description of who we are and how we are as parents). Check up on everything to make sure it all went through and the agency has everything as far as paperwork is concerned (physical exam forms mailed in from our doctors, background checks back from the state, character references turned in from our friends and family, and any other miscellaneous paperwork that might crop up). At that point we can do our individual interviews with the caseworker.

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