Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yay for "Team Babies"!

So, my friend who I mentioned that decided to pursue surrogacy rather than adoption... it didn't work the first time. Sad! And it was the 6th time they'd done in vitro, 1st time with a surrogate. Can you say "devastating"??? They decided to try ONE MORE TIME.... and the surrogate is now pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! Wow, so much time and money and effort and stress and tears... and the blessings are just pouring in! I can't believe how over-the-top excited I am for them! They are so surprised and thrilled! :)

Photo: www.wordsorwhatever.com.au
Can you imagine having three babies at once??? Craziness.
She blogs HERE and her amazingly selfless sister-in-law who volunteered to be the gestational carrier blogs HERE, if you want to follow along. Who does that for somebody?! Seriously!

I just can't hold in my excitement! I am squealing!! I cannot wait to meet babies A, B, & C (two of which will be identical twins)! She is almost 17 weeks along. So amazing!!

She needs prayers and love and good vibes sent her way so that the babies can grow for as long as possible and eventually be born safely! Go Team Babies!

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