Thursday, January 3, 2013

60-Day Hiking Challenge: The "Y": Week 4

This past summer I decided to challenge myself physically. I needed something repetitive that I didn't have to think about each day - I would just get up and go. I wanted to be outside. I wanted Kal with me. Most of the time I wanted it to be just me & him, so I could use the time to meditate and think. It was a very cleansing experience. Brought a lot of peace in my life to be in nature and to spend that much one-on-one time with my son. I decided on a 60-day hiking challenge up to the "Y" in Provo. The goal was 6 hikes a week for 10 weeks. This was Week 4.

Hiking Day 19. "Y" Trail Map

Hiking Day 20. The sun was HOT!

Listening to Daddy's music and jamming!
Hiking Day 21.
There are some steep drops in some places. I always say, "Look at how close to death we are!!" One false step...

Hiking Day 21. ME! Ha ha. Goofy as can be. :)
Hiking Day 22.

Weird spiderwebs on the ground.
You can see the Provo Temple from here. :)

He's such a boy! Loves to lug rocks around...

A rattlesnake! Can you see it on the right side of that rock? Scary!
Hiking Day 23. Sunset. I loved hiking in the dark!

Hiking Day 24.
I think I wore him out!
He sleeps well after hiking.

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