Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog Hop: Favorite Spot in My Home

This is a post for Open Adoption Bloggers' Blog Hop! Head over to see what everyone else had to say. :)

I have a very, very uncomfortable love seat. There is absolutely no position that isn't pokey or painful, especially if Zay and I are both trying to curl up to watch some Netflix at night. Something needs to be done about that. It is a literal pain in the neck and I'm sad we sold our big nice couch when we moved. Dangit!

BUT, right where that big, lumpy, angular, hard-as-a-rock love seat sits is my favorite spot in my home. (One day the couch will reflect that... and it will be an even better spot.)

This spot is the warmest area of the house besides the kitchen. And I am cold, all the time. Fragile bones!

It's where Kal likes to read books with me (and where Moo Moo likes to make his presence known). Here's a couple of unflattering pictures to prove it, ha ha.

Kal has a fascination with wearing this fuzzy sock on his hand. I don't get it.

It's prime seating for the big screen (niiice).

I like my fake tree. And my "Families are Forever" sign. And the picture frame that I finally actually put pictures in.

And it has one of my favorite artists' painting on the wall: "Hand in Hand" by Greg Olsen. I pretty much love every one of his paintings. They are so beautiful. I WANT THEM ALL.

Photo: www.LDSart.com
So, what is your favorite room/spot/piece of art in your home and why?

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