Friday, January 11, 2013

It Is WAY Too Cold

This is the coldest Utah winter I can remember. It was 0 degrees for a few days in a row there. ZERO DEGREES. As my brother would say, "What happened to all the degrees??" It's been "heating up" to about 20 degrees now.

The snow is absolutely gorgeous and I thank heaven every day that I don't have to drive in it (I can actually enjoy it when I don't have to drive in it and be scared for my life). We had a beautiful white Christmas. I love building snow forts and whatnot. The mountains are amazing to look at, of course.

But this winter should end now. Please? Before it gets too dreary?

Zay took these on his way to work.

That's why I'm still stretching out my hiking posts from last summer, because I just want to remember the heat of the sun and the days where we went swimming and wore our bathing suits all day long. I got this swimsuit Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail today... my mailbox was covered in icicles and I had to pry it open... only to find this catalog with all these beaches and bikinis and sizzling summer shots all over the place. I just laughed. How mean! I was standing in a foot of snow!

I can't wait for summer again. :)

Pics from Summer 2012:

Indoor swimming - saving Mama's skin from the sun!

Getting a tan. This is the day I got BURNED.

Climbing on things.

Popcorn eatin'.

Gazing at mini ponies.

Playing with rocks.

Watching his Daddy mow the lawn.

Anxious to join in the soccer game.

Volleyball champ right there!

Ahhh... sleeveless shirts and fun days at the park!

Bonsai tree sellers on the side of the road. Totally had to buy one!

Family walks and wildflowers.

No need for pants in this weather!

Lots of lounging on the grass.

Off to the Scera Pool!

Lots of birthday parties.

Anyone else missing summertime??

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