Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Holidays 2012

I feel like Christmas started back in October! "The holidays" this year have all blurred together into one long celebration.

It all started with a trip home to see all of our fams (including Kal's birth family) back in October, that included Halloween.

Running around with some of his early Christmas presents from my mom. He got lots of Dr. Seuss books and a little backpack to keep them in. He loves that thing!

Then I cooked a huge meal for Thanksgiving.

I didn't decorate for Christmas last year since we were out of town, so I almost forgot this year! But I busted out our old raggedy fake tree and called it good. :) I even forgot to put up our nativity! Dang. There was just too much happening around here for me to get around to decorate. Hopefully next Christmas will be different in that aspect, because I love the warm and cozy feeling of a home decorated for Christmas... drinking hot chocolate and looking at the Christmas tree lights... mmmmm...

Helping me decorate the tree. He thinks everything is a "ball," so he was hollering BALL!
every time I hung up any round ornaments.

I was inspired to make a cute little picture frame with all the things Zay and I are grateful for this year. That was the extent of my decorating really. I'm still learning how to be domestic. :)

I totally put that I was grateful for garbage men and correctable eyesight. Zay kept saying "sex, sex, sex"... but every time he said it, I put something different - "beauty, affection, intimacy." LOL.

Then we celebrated Festivus. So fun!

Then there was the Church Christmas party. It really helped me settle into the Spirit of Christmas. At one point I excused myself from the table where everyone was so cheerful - talking, singing, eating - and went out in the hallway. I leaned against the glass door looking outside and just stared out into the dark for a few minutes. The snow was gently falling. When snow blankets the ground, it seems to drown out all sound. The peace and calmness of the moment was incredible. It was one of those moments that I'll always remember. I could hear the people back at the party singing in the distance, and I just took a deep breath and thought about all the people I love who weren't with me. Then I remembered the people who were right there with me and would always be right there with me and I returned to the party.

Christmas Eve, Kal got to see his cousin Evander! We haven't seen him in about 6 months, so I was sooooo happy to get to see him again! Missed that little munchkin so much! He is so grown up now. Sigh...

Accidental pic. I kinda liked it. :)

Ha ha ha... attempt at an impromptu snowman (I haven't made very many of these in my lifetime).

The snow was crazy Christmas Eve! I loved it!

There were lots of worms in the snow! Creepy! I tried to save them all and put them back somewhere safe.

Christmas Day was awesome. I loved seeing Kal so happy to have new things to destroy, ha ha. He was spoiled by family, so we only personally got him one thing. He's so young and so happy with nothing, really. It doesn't seem important to me right now to buy him a billion gifts. I just spent the entire day being his buddy and doing whatever he wanted... it was a beautiful day. Loved having Zay home from work. We watched Christmas movies (his favorites - Scrooged and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) and had a fabulous day at home. Just what I needed after traveling so much last Christmas.

This definitely needs documenting. Moo Moo lays like this ALL THE TIME. I don't get it. Lol!

Karaoke party! Kal was hitting all kinds of notes. Had us CRACKING UP!

We got ourselves the usual gifts - whatever updated entertainment center stuff we need. So we have the Wii U now with a few games (ZombiU!! Whoo hoo!) and a Roku box for the bedroom so we can watch HBO Go and Netflix and listen to Pandora, etc. I always get Zay one spiritual gift of some kind. This year I got him this canvas picture of Jesus carrying His cross. He immediately said, "That's kinda graphic, ain't it?" Lol. I said, "What? Are you kidding me? We watch "The Passion of the Christ" every Easter!" Not the reaction I thought he was gonna give it. I thought it was pretty dang awesome! Ha ha.

Lots of journals for me. Enough to last me (maybe) through 2013.

We also planned to have an entirely vegan Christmas Day. That was fun! Wasn't even my idea, but it totally sounded like me. Vegan blueberry pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. Big salad for lunch with lots of spinach, dried cranberries, and almond slivers. Boca burgers and spanish rice and sweet potato fries for dinner. Soymilk and lots of water to drink. It was nice after having so many big meals up to that point. And a good starting point for the upcoming New Year and our re-dedication to being healthy.

We couldn't end Christmas without a party, though. So we partied it up with some friends a few days later. Watching funny Youtube videos and playing card games way into the night. Loved it! :)

Then New Year's Eve was spent at some more friends' house, eating dinner and playing cards until everyone with kids needed to get them to bed. Ahhhh, the life of parents! Ha ha. Zay and I stayed up till 2am watching our favorite shows on Netflix (currently Medium) and had our own private party as soon as Kal was asleep. 2013 is off to a great start already. :)

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