Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things I Think Are Awkward: Christmas Carolers


Now, I know some of my friends personally do this... so I'm not trying to make fun. Just admitting my awkwardness. :)

But out of all the things in the entire world that make me feel awkward, Christmas Carolers are definitely near the top.

This is not something I ever witnessed as a kid. When I saw caroling on movies, I thought it was made up. People wouldn't really go out in the cold and sing to you. That's bizarre.

First of all, I would never do this. It would be awkward to be the caroler. And cold. And I'm pretty sure I don't know all the words to any Christmas songs.

Second of all, no one I grew up around would leave their door open that long (are we trying to heat the whole neighborhood? we got bills to pay!)... or come out in the cold on their porch or whatever to listen to it.

Third of all, it's awkward just to watch people sing... with all their uncomfortable facial expressions. Maybe if they were dancing too... I think I would appreciate a nice choreographed number.

When I first moved to Utah, the culture shock was intense. But when carolers came a-knocking on my small apartment door that first Christmas, I really freaked out. I had no idea what to do. They were literally like 2 feet away from me in the stairwell, so I couldn't really scream and shut the door. They had seen my face! And knew where I lived! And I couldn't come outside because I didn't have my coat on! And they were taking up the stairwell! So, I folded my arms and leaned on my doorframe and smiled sooooo awkwardly until the ordeal was over.

I repeat: a group of strangers broke out into song in front of me just for my benefit. Oh, my heck - I did not ask for this. How is that not awkward?

What was I supposed to do? Is there some Christmas Caroling etiquette I'm not aware of? Just hope they only sing one song? Sing with them? Do Carolers normally stay 20 feet away, on the sidewalk, and sing to the whole neighborhood in general? Because I might be able to handle that, but not when they knock on my door... and stand RIGHT THERE. I swear my muscles tightened and I wanted to run away.


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