Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trip to Georgia 2012

We moved our normal "Christmas trip home" to October to attend a friend's wedding in Tennessee. It was such a good trip, packed full... hardly time to see but a handful of people, but somehow we managed to squeeze in A LOT. I love these trips, but they can be so exhausting!

Depending on how Adoption #2 goes in 2013, we may or may not have the funds to get back home for a little while, so we enjoyed this visit knowing it might be awhile before we get back.

My dad, me, and Kal

My beautiful (now married) friend Kayla, me, and Kal outside the Atlanta LDS Temple

Kal and his Granny B

The fam, representing BYU Cougars!

BYU @ GA Tech - BYU fans are deep everywhere! We thought we would stand out more than we did!

Of course we'd run into a friend from Utah while we're in Georgia!

Go Cougars! We totally beat them at their Homecoming! Yay!

Family Reunion
It was a very fun trip. I was so happy to see Kal around so much family. That's one thing I miss about being so far away. But we've built a life in Utah that I love, so it's hard to say where we'll end up "settling down." Maybe we'll re-evaluate after Zay finishes school. :)

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