Saturday, February 16, 2013

Major Appliance Owners

Oh, yeah! We're officially adults once we buy a washer and dryer, right? I feel so grown up. So does Zay... he's been talking excitedly about this for weeks. Lol.

I'm excited because this might actually give me a chance to try cloth diapers for Baby #2. It was too impractical with Kal, although I researched it like crazy before he came along. Without my own washer and dryer, it was just too difficult for me. Now it might actually be a possibility. Whoo hoo!

I was afraid they weren't going to fit through the door without taking the door off its hinges, but they squeezed through. Those stairs were a beast when we were moving here. Ugh.

The delivery men were awesome. Polite and funny and speedy. I was sneaking around trying to be discreet when I took this picture, ha ha!

Kal got excited and started running around and dancing outside in his socks while they were unloading the truck, swinging his golf club and throwing his ball.

Laundry room "before":

Laundry room "after":

Yaaaay! This room has a purpose other than housing the kitty litter! Ha ha.

Good thing we babyproofed, right? Lol. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw him crawling through the pet door! I'm hoping he'll soon be too big to squeeze through there.

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