Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Our Songs": Early in our Marriage

Valentine's Day has got me listening to lots of good music. :) I already wrote about the 2 songs that remind us of early in our dating relationship HERE (wow, that was 3 years ago when I wrote that!), but I've realized as time goes on that we tie different songs to different points in our relationship. We're always evolving, and music flows right along with our lives. Certain songs can immediately bring back memories from a certain time in our lives with each other.

We were so young when we got married. I wanted to go off to college. Zay was willing to go along for the ride. He sold his Ford LTD (he was so sad about that). We bought a $600 Chevy van from an old lady in town, packed it up with what little possessions we had at the time, and started to drive across the country. We had packed a cooler of sandwiches, as if that was all we would eat for the 3 days' drive. Lol. I remember being disgusted with the sandwiches after a day and we stopped to get pizza. I had a big book of state maps to help us follow the Interstate and get us safely across the 2,000 miles (we had never been west of Georgia before... and Georgia's ON the East Coast, lol).

That van was barely getting 13 miles to the gallon, sometimes not even that. Every time we hit a new state, I would flip quickly to that state's page. We didn't get lost at all. Once we hit the Rocky Mountains, that van was toast. We pulled into the parking lot (finally) of the apartment complex we were going to live in, and I jumped out to check on the tires because Zay said they "felt funny." There was a HUGE bulging bubble on one of our tires, like the whole tire was about to explode. Holy crap! Thank goodness we made it! With no GPS and a crappy cell phone that rarely worked (I remember doubting that cell phones would ever actually be useful, lol)!

We spent the next couple years at that apartment complex, trying to adjust to the culture shock of moving from Georgia to Utah, learning to be married and have our own apartment and pay our own bills, finding jobs, growing up, supporting my college education, being good Church-going people, and trying to keep that van alive. I missed my cats. Zay was sweet and adopted one for me - my Felix. We got kicked out of our first apartment because someone told on us for having a pet. Ha ha.

This was at our first apartment. :)

Felix Bojangles, went missing after we brought the baby home... *SAD*

Looking back, I don't know how we managed to survive so many changes at once and at such a young age. But we hung in there. There were a few songs that stand out in our minds from that time. Songs that we would sing in the van at the top of our lungs. Songs that meant something to us for one reason or another (not necessary "deep" songs with meaningful lyrics, lol). Songs from the happy moments that can always bring us back to a place where we are satisfied and reminded that we can overcome anything together and that our struggles have made us stronger.

First, Daniel Bedingfield's "If You're Not the One." This one always makes me cry, cuz it's so mushy. Zay and I memorized these lyrics so quickly, without even trying. And it's a very wordy song. Lots of lyrics. We didn't really even know the other person liked the song until we both found ourselves singing it at the same time... and trying to hit that ridiculous high note! We still sing it at the top of our lungs today.

Video of Daniel Bedingfield's "If You're Not the One":

Then there's Usher & Lil Jon with "Yeah!" Zay had hooked up the most ridiculously loud speakers in that van... and all the empty space in the back made the music sound CrAzY the way it would vibrate through the whole thing. When I think of that van, I think of this song. And I remember all the good times that van brought us... before we ultimately abandoned it in a parking lot somewhere with the keys in it. Ha ha ha. Hope it brought some homeless person lots of joy too!

Video of Usher & Lil Jon's "Yeah!":

And then there's Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life." We practiced this song for weeks to sing it in a talent show and then we chickened out at the last minute. But we still find ourselves singing as loud as we can (sometimes Zay does the girl part and I do the guy part, ha ha) when it comes on the radio. Very, very good memories. :)

Video of Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life":

So, what are YOUR songs?

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