Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Week 2013

Zay had school on Valentine's Day, so we celebrated a little bit here and a little bit there all that week, thinking we wouldn't have much time that day. I didn't think much about Valentine's this year and Zay's been so busy with school, work, and hair clients that I didn't think he'd have time to do anything special.

But it actually turned out to be a pretty dang good week. :)

I went to my friend Kim's baby shower the Saturday before - triplets, yay! (her blog is HERE)

Somehow I've gotta teach Kal that not all parties/gifts are for him.

Soooooo good.

The cutest girl expecting triplets on the block! Lol.

Kal, devouring everything in sight.

So happy for her!

Then we got some new stuff. :) Zay won a copy of "Skyfall" on Blu-ray at work for outselling everybody. We still haven't watched it, but just the fact that he got it for free made me happy and it's been sitting next to the TV in the bedroom ever since then just waiting to be watched.

He also bought me some new exercise/jogging shoes for my gift. (I actually bought him dirt for Valentine's... ha ha. New soil for his bonsai tree.)

Kal modeling my shoes. :)

I like 'em. :)

We bought a washer and dryer. Super happy about this! It was one of the things on my list of "things to do before Baby #2."

We finally got our tax refund with the adoption tax credit from 2011 (yay, money!)... Most likely government cuts are not going to allow the adoption tax credit to be refundable in the near future, so I'm grateful we finalized Kal's adoption the year before they cut it from the budget. Our next adoption will be completely out-of-pocket, so this refund will be paying for it!

And Zay surprised me and somehow managed to take me out for lunch AND dinner on Valentine's Day, even when he was super busy. :)

Dinner at Iggy's!

The little munchkin came with us.

It was too purty not to take a picture first.

I think I was starting to fall asleep here... I look loopy... that's what good food does to me.

Of course Kal hollered and pointed and was mesmerized by the basketball game that was on.

The fam!

How was your Valentine's Day this year?

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  1. Oh yay! I was going to text you to send me that pic of us. So cute! :) Thank you for coming. Your card was the sweetest thing!!


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