Tuesday, March 26, 2013

60-Day Hiking Challenge: Hitting a Wall

When I started hiking, I had a goal in mind: I wanted to be able to jog up the "Y" trail.

I reached that goal. :)

I think my best time was 42 minutes to get up to the top and back down to my car.

Most of the time I had Kal with me, and he didn't learn to walk on his own until that August. So I carried him. It was exhausting, but I was super motivated. People would stop me and tell me that I was an inspiration to them - I even took a picture with several different people because they asked. I just laughed and jumped in the picture. This was all for myself, not for others. I needed this. Inspiring others wasn't my intent, but I'll take it. :)

It was hot. The sun was amazing. I love the summer and I love the heat. Kal and I had many quiet moments to bond. We were attached at the hip, literally.

Most of the people I met while hiking were amazing and I had so much fun meeting different people and finding out the reasons why they were out on that trail that day. Old people, students, huge families. Daily hikers like myself.

I got questions like, "You trying to work off that baby weight?" I laughed and said, "Sure." And I'd spend time thinking about infertility and what it means to me. And how I don't have "baby weight" and may never have to worry about dropping pounds after giving birth.

I (finally) got questions about whether Kal was adopted. Probably because he got so dark that summer, out in the sun. I talked about it, but only if people didn't assume he was adopted. I like to make people feel stupid when they make assumptions... I don't know if that's a cute personality trait or a mean character flaw, ha ha. One girl straight up said, "Oh! Where did you get him from?" And I said, "From my uterus," and gave her a glare. She stumbled all over her words and tried to explain herself - something about her sister or friend or whoever that was trying to adopt. It was amusing.

Another reason for the hiking was that I wanted to get as fit as I could before trying to do the Tough Mudder obstacle course race. In my mind, it represented something to me... Overcoming an obstacle. Knowing I am strong and can accomplish hard things. I wanted to teach myself to stick it out, not be a victim, and prove to myself that I wasn't as weak as I had taught myself that I was over the years. That I deserve good things.

None of that may make sense to anyone but me, but I kept hiking everyday until I couldn't anymore. I held onto those thoughts and pushed myself to keep going, even if it meant I was doing it alone.

It was worth every second of it.

I made it to Day 44 of 60. That was my wall. That was my limit. It discouraged me for awhile, but life had taken over and I knew I had accomplished what I came there to accomplish.

Hiking Day 43. I spent these last two hiking days at Rock Canyon. We saw these deer feeding on the mountainside.

Rock climbers.

Hiking Day 44. Last day.

Watching a guy climb without any safety gear. I didn't get a picture of him, but I think those kind of people are nuts.

He is clinging to me like he's gonna fall, lol!

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