Sunday, March 24, 2013

60-Day Hiking Challenge: The "Y": Week 7

Last summer I decided to challenge myself physically. I needed something repetitive that I didn't have to think about each day - I would just get up and go. I wanted to be outside. I wanted Kal with me. Most of the time I wanted it to be just me & him, so I could use the time to meditate and think. It was a very cleansing experience. Brought a lot of peace in my life to be in nature and to spend that much one-on-one time with my son. I decided on a 60-day hiking challenge up to the "Y" in Provo. The goal was 6 hikes a week for 10 weeks. This was Week 7.

Hiking Day 37. Spider dangling in front of me...

What the "Y" actually looks like... dirty white paint over rocks/cement.


Lizard crossing my path.
Hiking Day 38. Proof I sweat!

Every once in awhile I got a blister.

Wearing these shoes OUT.
Hiking Day 39. Nature. Squirrel? Chipmunk?

Night hiking is the way to go! :)
Hiking Day 40. Kal is still in love with those turn posts.

"Fighter" written on one the the benches. That inspired me. :)

Showing me the cool rocks he finds.

Hiking Day 41. Looking a little worn out...

Every time I passed this wood, I thought, "This would make a great bonfire."
Hiking Day 42. Broke from the pattern of hiking the "Y" and hiked a couple miles of Rock Canyon Trail. I was reaching my limit and needed to break it up.

Beautiful Rock Canyon cliffs in Provo.

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