Thursday, March 21, 2013

Basketball Birthday Cake

Since Kal's favorite thing in the entire world is basketball, I tried to make what I thought would be a fairly simple birthday cake that I found HERE.



Things I learned:

- Yellow Twizzlers were harder to find than I thought.
- I over-estimated the size of the ball in comparison to the "goal" part of the cake.
- My cakes tend to sink in the middle...
- Melted chocolate doesn't exactly decorate well (I used it for the lines on the ball).
- I do not know how to frost a cake.

But, it was fun! No fondant this time. I didn't have the energy, lol. I did make 3 different kinds of cake to make it interesting: yellow cake, devil's food cake, and carrot cake.

Basketball Birthday Cake with mini "smash cupcake."
I'm thinking if I keep giving it my all, maybe one day I'll be good at this baking/decorating thing. I enjoy it so much, maybe it doesn't even matter!

HERE is the post about the rest of his birthday. :)

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