Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Hop: If My Life Were a Movie

This is a post for Open Adoption Bloggers' Blog Hop! Head over to see what everyone else had to say. :)

The question this month is: They are making a movie of your life. Tell us all about it! Is it a drama? Action flick? Rom-com? Which star will play you?

Well, first we have to talk about my celebrity look-alikes. Because that is key information here, lol.

When I was in middle school, people called me "Carrie"... as in, Sissy Spacek from the movie Carrie. Probably because people thought I was anorexic because I was so skinny, I had tons of freckles and long straight strawberry blonde hair, and looked like I wanted to catch people on fire with my brain.

Young Sissy Spacek

That sounds about right.

Then Ally McBeal became popular and I got stuck with the nickname "Beal" for awhile there. I didn't think I looked anything like Calista Flockhart, but mostly it was about how skinny I was, I'm sure.


I've run my picture through tons of those celebrity-lookalike generators, and I get everything from Reese Weatherspoon to random Asian celebrities I've never heard of before. Or a guy. That's embarrassing. Reese is a super cutey, but I lack a chin... soooo.... she wouldn't do.


In my opinion, I think I look a lot like a young Diana Rigg (yeah, I know - nobody knows who she is):

Young Diana Rigg
Yes, no, maybe so? I see the resemblance.

So, who would I pick to play me in a movie of my life?

I'd have to get someone who isn't as old as Sissy Spacek and Diana Rigg, ha ha.

I think I'd want Katherine Heigl or Amy Poehler to play me. Because this most definitely would be a comedy. Even the hard parts of my life I've found a way to look at like they're one big joke. Plus Katherine Heigl has adopted twice and she used to be LDS, so that's cool. She could dig the lifestyle.


In all honesty, my awkwardness is probably along the lines of Kristen Stewart though...



But if I could have my pick, it would be Jennifer Lawrence. Because she's amazing in every way. I'm super celebrity-crushing hard on her right now.

In fact, I don't want her to play me in a movie. I just wanna be her... is that possible?

As for the hubby, celebrity look-alike generators say Lionel Richie. HA HA HA.


I don't think so...

But this is about my picks, right? Well then, hubby will be played by The Rock. For obvious reasons:

Best. Movie. Ever.

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