Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Adoption Scammers and Baby Sellers:

For some reason, this picture came to mind as I was writing this post. Lol.

...and other weirdos...

We're not interested.

We've gotten some random requests lately. Announcing that you want to adopt a baby is like opening the door to let all the crazies in. Maybe because a lot of people hoping to adopt have money set aside for all the legal fees and whatnot or because adopters can be emotionally vulnerable, scammers take this opportunity to try to get something out of you. The world is a sick, sick place sometimes.

For future reference, crazies...:
  • We're not interested in paying for your in vitro fertilization procedure in exchange for you donating your leftover embryos to us. We're not looking for a random couple's embryos, sorry.
  • We're not interested in paying outrageous fees to an "adoption consultant" in exchange for a guarantee that we'll get a "healthy newborn within a year." Sorry, I don't trust how you're managing to make those kinds of guarantees and gather these children up. Are you snatching them from the hospital or what?
  • We're not interested in buying a child... at all... Children are not dolls or pets; they're people. We are not willing to pay anyone for a child. That's not what an adoption is. Baby-selling is illegal. And wrong. And sounds a bit like slavery.
  • We're not interested in sending you money or extravagant gifts in exchange for your baby. Being grateful to a birth mother for the child we end up raising is completely different than sending gifts pre-adoption. If you are "struggling with finances" during your pregnancy, the adoptive couple is not the one to pay. Agencies and shelters can help with that.
  • We're not interested in paying for your plane ticket to America to have your baby. If you're trying to scam someone out of some airfare money by promising a baby in exchange, you're out of your mind. If you really have a baby to place for adoption, do it in your own country.
  • We're not interested in helping you hide from a birth father. You cannot come stay with us or have us lie for you. We don't participate in child-trafficking or kidnapping a child from his/her father.
  • We're not interested in lining the pockets of ethically shady adoption agency workers. We will stick with the agency/agencies we trust, whether that means we wait longer or not.
  • We're not interested in throwing more money at a situation to make it go "more quickly." I'd rather do it the right way, not necessarily the fastest way. This is not a race. These are children and families we're talking about.
  • We're not interested in doing a "private adoption" because you don't want to work with an agency. Or because you're an "immigrant." Red flag! Also, if your grammar sounds like something I'd see in a junk email from the Prince of Nigeria, you need to work on your scamming skills.
  • We're not interested in forming a relationship with someone who lies and makes up stories for attention as the "pregnancy" goes along. Seriously, scammers preying on couples wanting to adopt are just evil.
Just so you know.

We're not interested.

For more information about adoption scammers, The R House has some really good blogs and articles HERE.

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