Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Photos October 2012

We had such a fun time getting our pictures taken while we were on a trip home to Georgia. They turned out so cute!

Even though Kal wanted to sabotage it and be grumpy the whole time...

 ...somehow the photographer was able to get some cute poses and smiles out of him! I was impressed. :)

The fam! I absolutely love getting family pictures taken, so somehow I need to have that rub off on the men in my life!

Kal thought he was getting his way by going off and smelling flowers instead of posing, but little did he know how picture-worthy he was being!

I love these Daddy/Son moments:

Zay was happy that picture-taking meant make-out sessions! Ha ha ha.

So fun! I'm already thinking about the next photoshoot! :)

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