Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Superman Metropolis Kryptonite Birthday Cake

To celebrate Zay's 31st birthday, I decided I was going to make a cake.

I don't bake, yall.

And I decided I was gonna make my own fondant to decorate with and everything. Ha ha ha.

Here's some past evidence of why I don't cook/bake:

This is supposed to be a pizza. It looks like a bicycle seat!!

Then there was the actual day-in-the-kitchen for Zay's birthday:
I smelled something burning... and there was a nice little cake-batter-poop-pile sitting there for me.

The beginnings of the birthday cake...
Reminds me of this:

This is totally me.
I shouldn't be left alone in the kitchen:

I burned the birthday dinner. Somehow I melted a pot on the stove. How is that even possible??

Okay, well... in spite of all that, I used THIS PAGE as inspiration, and I got to work. I even made a boxing themed cake for my brother while I was at it. And I was pretty dang proud of myself. :)

The Superman Metropolis Kryptonite cake!

The "Kryptonite crystals" part of the cake was the most fun to make!

The little boxing gloves were so cute. :)

Excuse the creepy eyes.

I didn't get the hang of how the fondant was supposed to feel until I was mostly done, so it's obviously flawed. But to me - success!

We had a bunch of friends over (too many for our living room to hold... oh, well) and watched funny Youtube videos and ate and talked. No one complained about the burnt spaghetti but me. Ha ha. Everyone loved the cake. It was too much fun not to try to bake again, so I got my butt back in the kitchen for Kal's 2nd birthday as well! I'm liking this new domestic side of me. :)

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