Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Letter to My 2-Year-Old & A Chuck-E-Cheese Birthday Party

Kal's 2nd birthday invitation

Dear Kal,

You are 2 years old!

I can't believe it, but it was not that long ago at all when your father and I were trying hard to picture a child in our mind. We laugh all the time about how perfect you are. You are everything we ever imagined, but better. Even silly specific things like how we hoped you'd like basketball - you've far exceeded our expectations on that one!

I hoped you'd be gentle, yet a total boy. You are. You are so affectionate. Yet you like to tumble and jump and punch and do sit-ups (even pull-ups!) with us. You are hilarious. You don't even talk well yet, but the eye-rolling and the smirks you give us just crack us up! You have an attitude. But at the same time, you dang well listen to your Mama & Daddy.

You are attached to your Mama, but you look up to your Daddy and I love watching you guys have Daddy/Son time. He will sit you down and have serious talks with you (as serious as you can get with a 2-year-old) and you hang on his every word and nod your head as if you get it. You fold your arms for prayer and you like to pretend-read books with your made-up language. Then you get these excited bursts of energy (like your Mama) and you squeal and run through the house like a maniac. You'll grab a basketball and dunk your goal and then fall and lay on your back and start kicking your legs up in the air. I just laugh with you, because you match my silliness perfectly.

We also see so much of your birth mama in you. Certain facial expressions (again, the smirk!) and the tiniest things like how you hold your hands at your sides. I hope over the years you'll get to see those similarities on your own when you visit with her and have a unique relationship with her outside of us. I hope those visits will make you feel whole and even more loved than you already are.

I hardly remember your baby days now. You're all toddler. We're working on you with your vocabulary and you've made lots of progress. I'm loving how smart you are and how you find the humor in everything - you think it's hilarious to smell your own feet and scrunch your face up. I don't know where you learn these things! I also love your endurance - I took you hiking and you made it halfway up the trail. You practically ran it. I was so proud! It's funny to think that I used to wonder if you were ever going to walk.

We think about all the things we want to teach you - about respecting women, following your dreams, being confident yet humble, sticking up for your friends and family, serving others, and living the Gospel. It's overwhelming to think about all we want you to learn, but I think you are going to be an amazing young man. I am proud to be your Mama. 

We spent your 2nd birthday doing whatever you wanted. It started with cartoons, breakfast, then there was lots of jumping on the bed, playing with the kitties, lunch, bath time, nap time, and then Chuck-E-Cheese! It was a little overwhelming for you and your cheeks got really red because it was sooo hot in there, but I know you had a lot of fun and you were so excited to see so many of your friends there. The adults were impressed that we had pizza for everyone. I've decided that I don't know how to do anything tame. I know you're only 2, but ice cream and cake at home just wouldn't cut it for me. :)

You are my world. I love you from your new haircut to your fat little caterpillar toes. Bring on the Terrible Twos!

Love, Mama


Watching cartoons.

Moo Moo Ragamuffin


"Lunch time"

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