Friday, May 3, 2013

Kal's Going to be a Big Brother!

I can't tell you how much it melts my heart to think of my little Kal-El having a little baby brother to fawn over. Cute overload. Heart can't handle it!

I hope he's protective, rather than jealous. When I ask him if he wants a baby, he enthusiastically nods his head "yes." And I've begun pointing out babies to him so that he really understands what he's saying "yes" to, ha ha. He gets fascinated. I think he thinks a baby will be a new toy for him, kind of like the cats or his toy robot - but better. He's gonna be a great big brother. :)

Zay's had a few serious talks with him about how we are planning to bring a baby home soon.

A friend brought her brand new 2-week-old baby over and I told Kal to be "soft and gentle and nice," because that's what I tell him when he is petting the cat too hard and he'll listen to me and try to be softer. So he whacked the baby softly on the head once and was so proud of himself for petting the baby well. Ha ha ha.

Suddenly, I feel like I have newborn amnesia - I can't remember hardly anything about having a newborn. It's like nature has wiped that from my brain, erased all the memories of stress and lack of sleep, so that I'm tricked into wanting a baby again. Heh, Mother Nature knows what she's doing!

I'm wondering if it all comes back to me when I hold a newborn again? Will I be more of "a natural" this time around, because I've done it once before?

Kal was so teeny tiny - aww! - looking at newborn pictures of him is just so crazy to me. He's changed so much.

This is gonna be a new crazy chapter in our lives. And technically there's a lot of time left for it to not work out, BUT that's not gonna stop me for celebrating a new baby's arrival anyway. :)

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