Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Room for Baby!

As soon as we heard we were chosen to be the parents of a sweet little baby boy from the South, it only made sense to go celebrate at Popeye's, right? Ha ha. They just opened one in Lehi, Utah. And DANGIT, it had to open just when I was doing well trying to be vegetarian! Ahhhh! Mmmmmm, Louisiana cookin'...

Then, because I'm a nerd - and because people asked did it take longer to get chosen this time than the first time we adopted - I calculated it down to the day. It took 94 days from finishing paperwork/approval until we were matched with Kal's birthmom. This time, it took 100 days. So, about the same! A friend told me we make adoption look easy. Ummmm, yay? Ha ha. It's not easy, yall. And I totally just feel really lucky/blessed!

So, Baby #2 is due at the beginning of July. Birthmom D thinks he'll come earlier than that, so we're trying to plan when we want to head down and get comfy in a hotel. This time we won't have any family around to help during the actual adoption - we don't know anyone in Louisiana - but I think we'll figure everything out on our own this time around. We've got experience now. Also, we will most likely get to be at the hospital to support D through the whole thing (I don't think she'll have any family there to support her), so hopefully things go well and smoothly and we'll get to do that! Because of course I'd love to be there for everything. I wouldn't want to miss a second of it.

We've re-instated the epic battle of choosing a baby name and it's getting interesting, ha ha. One of us doesn't want to compromise (*cough* ZAY *cough*), so who knows what this poor child will end up being named. Lol. It would be nice if we could settle on a name so that we can get on to other important things to do, but we're bumping heads about it right now. Something about it being so final and so much a part of who someone is (my name is me, in a way) makes us want to get it perfect. But perfection is in the eye of the beholder... and the more I repeat a name, the more it blurs together and doesn't even sound like a name anymore. Ha ha. I have a list of almost 200 baby boy names that I at least kind of like and Zay doesn't like any of them enough to say "yes" to. Oh, boy. The battle rages on.

I don't plan on having a baby shower this time, but I'm thinking maybe we'll have a "Welcome Home, Baby!" party when he gets here and we're settled in (because he deserves to be celebrated - a little miracle baby!). Not for gifts, but for everyone to get to meet him. :) I'm not even sure what we are lacking, anyway. After the first time when I worried about having everything, this time I feel like babies really don't need that much. A place to sleep, check. Bottles, check. Formula, check. Diapers, check. We've got tons of hand-me-down clothes for a boy (from Kal and my nephew Evander). Seriously, what does a new baby even need? I think we're good to go!

I've been prepping Kal for having a new baby brother by excitedly pointing out every baby we see and trying to teach him to be nice and soft and gentle with his friends who are younger than him. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I even googled newborn pictures for him to show him how cute little babies are and how it's exciting that we're gonna have one. He nods and smiles and says yes, he wants a baby. In my mind I keep imagining that he'll want to poke the baby, ha ha. But I really hope he'll adjust well and want to be my little helper. We shall see. :)

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