Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

Saturday morning, Kal and I went to the Celebrate Adoption Walk that is put on by Families Supporting Adoption every year. We released balloons in honor of Kal's birthmom K and new expectant mom D.

It was way too hot and sunny and Kal got grumpy, but I got to meet an amazing birth mother who placed a baby 14 years ago and got to know her and her story a little bit. She was so fun and we exchanged numbers to get together for lunch sometime.

I also got to see our caseworker from Kal's adoption and catch up with her. She said she knew we'd get picked fast, but to not tell other hopeful adoptive parents how quickly it actually happened for us. It's a sensitive subject. I hope my fellow adoptive parent friends don't feel any negativity towards us for getting chosen fairly quickly - that would break my heart. I hope we're all cheering each other on, not thinking it's a competition... because it's really not. And I can't really say with 100% certainty that this situation will work out in our favor anyway... we shall see.

Our current caseworker was there as well and we talked and went over all the details we knew up to this point about how this adoption situation is supposedly going to play out. One bizarre turn of events is that Louisiana's LDS Family Services doesn't actually keep a full adoption staff, so this will actually end up being a private adoption where lawyers will step in near the end of the process in place of caseworkers. Interesting. I think their office in Louisiana just doesn't handle as many adoptions as in other states, so they facilitate them when they come up and pass them off to a lawyer, but they don't keep a staff of adoption-specific caseworkers. I'm slightly confused about how it will work, but so far it seems like the caseworkers involved will be doing the majority of the prep work anyway, so we won't be left hanging without knowing how to finalize things. We may not have to pay the agency's placement fee though... so, we'll see if it ends up being a less expensive process! That would be amazing. Plus, I found out Zay's job will reimburse a chunk of the adoption expenses as well, so this could potentially go really smoothly for us financially... with all the benefits of going through LDS Family Services as our agency. What a blessing that would be!!

After the adoption walk, Kal and I came home. I put him down for a nap and then had one hair appointment to do. Then I woke Kal up with an excited, "Let's go get Daddy from work!" and we picked Zay up and headed to a friend's BBQ. Our buddy Cam is leaving soon to serve a mission for the LDS Church, so we definitely needed to party! Kal had a blast with Cam's sisters and the other little kids there. He even got over his fear of trampolines! We shot basketball and ate way too much food and talked for a few hours. It was nice. :) There are a few families who have kind of taken us under their wing (as we've been in Utah without family for so long), and this is one of them. They're great. :)

At the BBQ, Zay had me open my Mother's Day gift... an awesome new camera and lens! With Baby #2 coming, I'm definitely gonna use this!! Ha ha.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We got up for Church and I sang in the choir! We did a very pretty arrangement of "The Morning Breaks." I love singing alto and I love being part of a choir. It takes me back to my high school days and reminds me of my silly childhood dream of being a professional singer. It's a dorky church choir (ha ha), but in my head I'm a superstar for a second! Lol!

Okay, so that just reminded me of a funny story. When I was graduating from BYU and I was standing in line to receive my diploma at the ceremonies, I suddenly got very nervous and was afraid to walk across the stage, afraid I'd fall or pass out or something. So I took a few deep breaths and told myself to pretend that I was performing on American Idol and that this was my big break. Lol. So I held my head high and smiled really big, walked across that stage, and pretended everyone was cheering for me. And I didn't fall and I had the biggest grin on my face when I accepted that diploma. Ha ha ha. I'm such a dork!

We left Church early after they passed out huge Symphony chocolate bars to all the ladies for Mother's Day. Then we hustled over to our friends' baby blessings! Kim & Curtis were having their triplets blessed on Mother's Day and I just thought that was beyond beautiful. I tried not to cry hearing the blessings of those sweet little miracles. They are so healthy and strong to be born at not-quite 33 weeks. I asked Kim could she imagine if someone had told her last Mother's Day that she'd have 3 babies in a year? She'd have thought they were out of their minds! Pre-baby Mother's Days can be hard, I know. They had a luncheon after Church where we got to meet more of their family. It was great. :)

Then we headed over to the park that we take pictures at every Mother's Day. It was too exciting of a day for Kal, so he wasn't smiley in the pictures and just wanted to get home and nap. But that's okay, we went straight home afterwards to get him to bed. I'm loving taking pictures with him each year and seeing how much he has grown. Hopefully next year I'll have two little knuckleheads to pose with!

Kal's Superman pose. Getting ready to fly...

Take off!

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