Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Are the Chosen Ones... :D

So, I didn't scare D off with all my questions. Ha ha. In fact, when we finally did get her response, she began talking as if she had already chosen us to be the parents of her child. And I thought, hmmmmm.... should I be reading into that? Because the whole time I'd been saying "take your time, no pressure, if you decide to parent it's okay" kind of stuff. And the last thing we heard was that she'd been trying to decide between two families. But she never mentioned any other families and she seemed like she had already made up her mind.

I wasn't sure and I didn't want to beat around the bush about it, so I just asked! And she said she'd love for us to be the parents!


But wait! Geez, she hasn't even met us yet. This happened waaaay too fast. Last time, there was a lot of build up and talking to a few expectant moms before one situation worked out. We flew to Georgia and met Kal's birthmom before she picked us. We ate at Cracker Barrel and met her family and everything. Lol. This was just way, way, way too fast. Omg. How am I supposed to feel right now?

I thanked her profusely and began talking a little bit about the hospital experience and how she'd like things to go. I was excited, but she told me she wanted the adoption "as closed as possible" and my heart cried. :( That's a post for another day.

Zay was at work, so I texted him:

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