Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day

I went back and couldn't find any posts about Father's Day since Zay became a father. I think I subconsciously allow that day to pass without blogging about it because we kind of hold it sacred around here. It's Zay's day. He wanted to be a father much longer than it even occurred to me that I wanted to be a mother and I've always respected that. It's kind of a reverent day. He thought he'd never get to be a parent and yet here he is with a son (and hopefully another on the way). Miracles happen, yall. :)

He took care of Kal this Father's Day while I went to Church by myself. Kal was sick for a good 2 weeks and Zay was so worried that it was something serious. I took him to the pediatrician and they got us all worried that he might develop asthma and needed a breathing machine. He wasn't getting better and the breathing machine only helped while he was wearing it. Zay woke me up one night and told me he thought we should take him to the emergency room because he had a fever on top of everything else. They ran more tests than the pediatrician did and said he had a virus that would have to run its course and that the asthma-like symptoms would go away once the virus was gone. They gave us a prescription for a steroid to help him breathe. He was still sick on Father's Day, so my two boys stayed home in the bed... curled up watching cartoons.

Zay gets so worried whenever Kal gets any little sniffle and I'm a never-go-to-the-doctor/just-walk-it-off kind of person. So we balance each other out a bit. As much as I hate emergency room visits, I was glad I showed my support and stayed up all night and made sure Kal (and Zay) were okay. We needed that time and I did love seeing Zay worry over his son. He's such a good father.

Everything turned out okay. One day Kal woke up with all his energy back. Dancing, laughing... he was back to normal and we were so relieved. It's hard to see your child sick when it just needs to "run its course." We wish we could just fix everything and protect them from everything.

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