Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kal's Reaction to a "Man of Steel" Trailer

Kal is always doing the silliest things. But I never catch them on video, it seems. He has the quirkiest little personality. I love that I get to be his mom and witness it firsthand. :)

He gets so, so excited about Superman... it's ridiculous. With the new Man of Steel movie coming out soon, every day he gets a dose of it. We've been watching that comes out about it, any bit of news we can get our hands on. We're taking him to see it on that Saturday (after we leave him with a babysitter to go and see it ourselves on Thursday... and then again Friday!! yes, we have our tickets for multiple days in a row and I'm just imagining him hollering and punching the air in the theater and just being super pumped up. If he can't behave, at least we'd have already seen it twice by then, ha ha.

So... Youtube is a hilarious place, yall. There are lots of fan "reaction videos" of people filming themselves watching the Man of Steel trailers for the first time. It's silly and geeky, but there are some really hilarious ones. So, I thought I'd try to capture Kal's reaction.

When I made this video, it was totally spur of the moment. Didn't brush my hair or anything. Eek! I'll do better next time. Lol. Didn't expect 7,000 people to watch it!! Also, it was my first time making a video with just the default camera on my computer, so it was glitchy at first. Whoops.

I did manage to capture an epic moment or two, even though he was being shy. :) The comments have been fun to read and have been nicer than I expected for it to be Youtube comments... people get crazy on the Internet usually.


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