Thursday, June 6, 2013

Name for Baby #2

We have decided on a name for Baby Boy #2!

I think. Ha ha. Well, I'm 90% positive. It could change, but I don't see it changing. So I'll announce it here. Sort of. :) I wanted to see if anyone could guess it first.

We had way too many criteria for this name to meet, but some were:
  • incorporate his birthmom's input, something to honor her
  • the meaning of all the names needed to flow together and fit with the circumstances
  • include a name Zay picked and a name I picked (because we couldn't agree on the same one, because he kept insisting on keeping the "-El" trend going)
  • his first name be equally as epic and comic-book-nerdy as his older brother Kal-El's name
And it took FOR-E-VER to figure this one out. And people I've told have given a range of reactions. Ha ha. I don't really care what other people think about it. It's important to us and will have meaning for him, plus be super cool (what we consider cool). So, that's all that matters. :)

Does anyone want to try to guess it?

It's 3 names and it means something to the effect of "New Victory of Our God & King."

Kal's name seemed much easier to decide on, by the way. Does it get harder with each child?

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