Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Countdown: 3 Weeks To Go!

Life is just rushing by. About a month ago I was thinking, "Man! Time needs to speed up! Come on, July - get here!" and now here I am thinking, "Wow - where have the weeks been going??"

We've been keeping so busy. Subconsciously trying to keep our minds off adoption-related things, I'm sure. Ha ha.

Zay has been getting in as many hours at work as possible before the baby comes. And saving his vacation hours so that he'll get paid for at least a couple of the weeks he'll be taking off. Paternity leave will then kick in and he can take up to 12 weeks off unpaid, so it's nice to have that flexibility to go back to work when we're all settled and he's ready. I think I only took 3 weeks off when Kal was born and Zay was stay-at-home daddying it. I hopped right back into working, but looking back I really shouldn't have. This time, I'll be home! YAY!

When Zay's not working, he's off playing basketball with his friends, riding his bike all around the neighborhood, or reading up on Man of Steel premiere news and critic reviews. Can't get him away from Superman-related things right now, but I don't even try. I let him have it. Ha ha. Kal's been sucked into it as well.

My bestie in the whole wide world Kayla & I have been slow-poking at trying to start a small business we've been wanting to do for awhile now. Super excited that we finally got it off the ground and listed some of our items for sell in our Etsy shop. We've got a lot more work to do (it's hard work to start a business!!), but I'm happy for all the little successes along the way. It will keep me plenty occupied while staying home (as if two kids wouldn't).

Of course I'm still braiding hair almost daily, and I've been working on mastering my calling at Church. And Kal demands a lot of attention at this age, so my day is also filled with chasing after a toddler, lots of giggling/squealing, and very dramatic tantrums. Ha ha. I love that boy SO FRIGGIN MUCH. :)

Busy, busy, busy. I like it. Life will settle down at some point, right? But for now we're just hanging on and enjoying the ride. :)

Unless baby Neo surprises us and comes super early, we will have a nice little cross country trip in our new minivan in a few weeks (we definitely felt like a Mormon family once we bought the minivan, ha ha). Yay!

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