Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hiking Mt. Timpanogas

I hiked to the top of a mountain, yall. Only took 10 hours, total of 16 miles. I am SO proud of myself! After a failed adoption, I needed to do something crazy. I love my friends who will do crazy things with me. We talked and laughed and dragged ourselves across snowy and rocky terrain, sometimes feeling like we were dangling off cliffs where there was no coming back from one wrong step. I don't know what we were thinking and I don't know how I made it (the first half mile or so I thought I was gonna die - I wasn't used to the altitude)... but we kept going and going and YAY! Sat on top of the world. Scary, but so beautiful and so worth it. It was just what I needed.

A panorama shot when we were almost to the top of Mt. Timpanogas.

We talked about hopefully seeing mountain goats, but were so disappointed that the only animals we came across were chipmunks (although they were cute)... until the way back down! *Squeeeeal!* Mama and baby mountain goat!!!

I felt like I was seeing the Billy Goats Gruff, nibbling on sweet juicy clover. Lol. I was SO HAPPY.

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