Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Wasn't a Scam


I've been asked if we lost a lot of money with our failed adoption. Some wonder if the expectant mom took money and ran or anything like that. But no, that's not what happened. Thankfully.

There are adoption scams all the time. Women who may or may not even be pregnant who hit up adoption agencies and adoptive couples for money, living expenses, medical expenses, rent, groceries, whatever. And then vanish. And agencies have to jack up their fees to compensate. Or kind-hearted adoptive couples just get robbed, basically.

Luckily, this wasn't the case. We weren't providing her with anything other than counseling. The money lost was for the lawyers' fees (for whatever work they actually got accomplished during the course of this whole thing - we're waiting to get refunds for the work that they ended up not having to do), travel expenses, and now the opportunity cost of Zay taking a couple weeks of unpaid leave from his job. I'm estimating about $4,000 down the drain? But that's okay. Lessons learned. Oh, and we paid a $1,000 fee to our agency, but that'll roll forward and they'll apply that to our next adoption, so that's cool.

It really isn't about the money. I just wish the adoption had happened. Lawyers had to be involved and they want to get paid, though. So it is what it is. Bills get paid and life goes on.

Between now and the next adoption situation that should arise... we'll have a little time to re-save that money and be prepared financially again. I like to have the money sitting there, in the bank, ready to use when the time comes rather than dipping into other savings or scrounging around for the last bit of cash. So, even though we really don't have any set plans about what the heck we're doing as far as trying to add another member to our family... we're in saving mode again. Just in case.

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