Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Journaling Through Our Adoption Trip: Day 3

I let Zay sleep in while Kal and I headed to breakfast. We barely made it in time. We slept so good last night. We grabbed a plate at the last minute and watched some of the Trayvon Martin case on CNN. Being in a hotel and watching a high profile murder trial reminded me of two years ago when we were spending our anniversary in a hotel and we watched the Casey Anthony trial. I could watch CNN all day every day.

We came back to the room and Zay asked me what the plan for today was. I just shrugged and said, “I don't know. Relax? Act like this is just an anniversary vacation? Hope we hear something? If we're going to hear something, today would be the day. She's having the baby tomorrow sometime.” I put it out of my mind, since it was out of our hands. Nothing could be done. I felt defeated, but ready to enjoy myself if I could.

Kal and I went swimming. Again it reminded me of our last two anniversaries. We spent them both swimming with Kal. He was super nervous at first. It had been awhile. But I got his little swimming diaper on and blew up his floatie and pushed him all around the pool. Once he got comfortable, he started splashing at me and telling me which way he wanted to go. I gladly swam him back and forth, happy for the exercise. I love swimming. :) Zay watched on, well out of the way of the splashing water. Kal kept yelling, “Dad-dy! Dad-dy!” He emphasizes the second syllable so he sounds British or something, lol. We got out and he splashed around in the water fountain for a little bit. I relaxed in the sun and stared at the sky. Being in the car for a couple days made me feel disgusting, so it was super nice to shower, swim, and shower again.

I totally look like I've been crying. Ugh.

Now that we aren't on the road, I wanted to get Kal back on his regular sleeping schedule, so I got down and explained to him that we were in a strange place but that I needed him to sleep in the crib like he did last night and I would come and get him after he slept. I pushed the crib into the bathroom, turned off the light, and closed the door. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Zay and I had a few hours to ourselves, but all we wanted to do was watch TV. Have some normalcy for a change. We found some really funny game shows to watch. One of them had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! It was called Total Blackout, hosted by Jaleel White (Steve Urkel). I was crying laughing at these people who had to complete challenges in total darkness. People's imaginations go wild when they can't see. One of the episodes we saw was called “Count 'Em, Lick 'Em, Face 'Em” and there was a contestant on there who totally reminded me of Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live. I kept thinking someone needs to give this lady her own show. Lol. She had to (in complete darkness) come up to a person laying on a table and using only her face, find a condiment that was poured on them, taste it, and identify it. Her commentary along the way was priceless. Watching them try to figure out where the heck the condiment was was just killing me. There was cream cheese on a belly, mustard on an ear, and guacamole in an armpit. So gross, lol.

We ordered pizza and chilled at the hotel all day. Wondered what reasons there could be for D not emailing us and why the lawyer couldn't get a hold of her either. We hoped for the best. Zay gave a beautiful prayer tonight, asking for a blessing on D in whatever she decides.

Kal and I jumped on the bed until I was plain exhausted. I got tired around 9:30, but managed to keep myself awake to play for a couple more hours. I crashed and hoped Zay would put Kal to bed at a decent hour. Tomorrow is induction day! We'll have to know something by tomorrow, right??

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