Friday, July 12, 2013

Journaling Through Our Adoption Trip: Day 7

Kal and I went and got breakfast. The Trayvon Martin case was on, like every morning this week. They were discussing the rules of the Neighborhood Watch that George Zimmerman was a part of and how the rules were that you weren't supposed to follow or confront someone suspicious. Also, the 911 operator told him not to follow Trayvon Martin, but he did anyway. I don't know how that will affect the case, because your right to defend yourself would certainly trump all that I would think. This case is so back and forth, I have no idea how it will turn out. For the record, I think Zimmerman overstepped his bounds as a citizen and I don't understand why Martin would've attacked him unless Zimmerman was provoking him. I don't care what race they were. It'll be interesting how it turns out.

I brought Zay back some breakfast, but I let him sleep for awhile longer while I packed up the hotel. Zay got up and helped pack the cooler and checked over the room to make sure we got everything. I told him about the Trayvon Martin case updates and told him I think this is going to be a historic case that will be the precedent for future cases about one-on-one gun violence. The jury has a lot on their plates.

 Today is the day we head out. No sense sticking around any longer. We obviously aren't needed here. :(

This is the perfect face for this moment.

I went and checked us out at the front desk and now we are on the road again! It's nice to be able to see all the water we missed when we first got here at night. I was confused when I thought we were looking at the ocean, but we were headed west and it was on our right. I took a picture and then looked it up on a map. It was actually Lake Pontchartrain. But it was huuuuge. I'm sad we didn't go to the beach while we were here, but we honestly couldn't function. Any big ideas about doing fun family things while we were here just went out the window when the whole reason we were here fell apart.

Lake Pontchartrain

It was nice to see all that pretty water and green trees. Swampland! We aren't in the desert anymore. Love it. :) It rained as we left and the dark clouds were looming. Beautiful.

My brain feels like it's on fire. It feels more final now that we're driving away. Of course, if the lawyer called us up at any point on this ride back, we would flip a U-turn so fast. But it's not gonna happen.

Zay and I had a heated debate about one of the plotlines in Man of Steel. Supposedly, the ship that was found buried in ice is Superman's cousin Kara's ship. She was one of the scouts that was seeking out other planets for Kryptonians to take over and her ship crash landed on Earth. The ice surrounding the ship was over 18,000 years old. But, that doesn't make any sense. How could Kara be 18,000 years older than her first cousin? Zay tried to tell me that they measure time differently on Krypton, that they stop aging when they reach Earth, etc. But still, that doesn't make sense. It doesn't matter how they measure years on Krypton – we're talking about Earth years here. (That's like saying a distance in Canada is different than a distance in America because they measure distances in kilometers and we use miles. It makes no difference - that wouldn't change the actual distance.) How could Kara be on Earth 18,000 years before her first cousin got here? At most, she should've gotten to Earth 15 years before Kal-El did. Am I being slow? I can't figure it out. If they bring Kara (Supergirl) into the next Superman movie, they're gonna have to give me a better explanation than that. Even if it means time travel, because I know they do that a lot in the comics.

We stopped in Texas at a Wendy's and it was like the nicest Wendy's I've ever seen. Changed Kal's diaper, twice. Seriously, little dude – the potty training starts up again when we get home.

Zay told me that for the record, I would've made an amazing mom of two. That made my heart feel so good. :)

Texas is forever long.

Texas also has some really nice rest stops. We met a nice older couple whose job it was to clean one of the big nice rest stops and they were so proud of their job. So cute. 

Even the bathroom were super nice. I wish every Rest Area was like this.

They had these "Texas driving safety" games you can play to teach you about driving laws in Texas.

They even had a playground. Kal was super excited. There was a group of boy scouts there and he was in heaven playing with all the big boys. He was sad that we didn't stay longer.

We didn't set driving goals this time, other than DON'T STOP – we need to get home. We actually made it all the way through Texas before stopping to sleep. Zay drove near the end and I fell in and out of sleep in the back, sitting next to Kal, watching Tangled. On the trip to Louisiana we had set up the infant car seat next to Kal, but on the trip back to Utah we just took that out and threw it in the very back. No need for that thing. So I could sit next to Kal and watch movies with him. It was nice.

Somewhere between Texas and New Mexico we saw a motel called “It'll Do Motel,” lol. It'll do. At least they're honest. I bet it was 20 bucks.

We rode through some creepy little towns. I turned Tangled off and the radio came on with some really old music. And it made us feel like we were in the video game Bioshock. Very creepy old music. Like we were in a horror movie and zombies were about to walk out into the street. Zombies dressed in '50s clothes.

We pulled into the Welcome Center rest stop coming into New Mexico and we finally took a break and slept. Can't believe we made it all the way through Louisiana and all of Texas on that first day of driving. Zay told me he was trying to impress me by getting as far as he could while I slept and before we stopped for the night. We slept for maybe 3 ½ hours. Wasn't so bad sleeping in the minivan this time, because we were on our way home. Home is constant. Home isn't gonna change her mind about us. There's certainty in this trip back.

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