Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Past Year in Random Pictures

I have pictures everywhere on this poor computer of mine. When I briefly had an iPhone, I kept everything super synced and organized with my Mac. Now... not so much. I try to stick to a system of keeping them organized, and then somehow every once in awhile I forget what my system was. Lol. I need to write my own handbook to keep track of how I do things. I'm getting so absentminded lately.

So, anyways. I'm sitting here during Kal's naptime, sorting through pictures for fun. :) Here is a compilation of random pictures from the last year!

Birthday party for one of our really good friend's son. Kal went nuts dancing with the big kids. He LOVES other children, and gets so squealy. He's so outgoing. That's my boy! :D

We went to one of Zay's work parties and someone brought a "Walking Dead" themed cake - with zombie hands reaching through the chained hospital doors. So friggin awesome. Wish I would've thought to get a picture of it before it was eaten!

I love making fun of Twilight. And Zay totally knows how to make me happy. He bought Breaking Dawn Part 2 for me on Blu-ray the day it came out. I was *so happy* to get Kal to bed, pop it in, turn off the lights, and have a giggle fest with Zay.

Feeding the birds the day I went and interviewed a friend about his adoption experience.

We have a nighttime love affair with Netflix. We've burned through countless shows that we get addicted to until they're over. And then I'm sad because I got so attached to the characters... and then we find a new show. This was when we were hooked on "Alphas." It's a game we play to find crazy names in the credits. :)
After a haircut. The many different haircuts of Kal...

We stopped by a little place when we were in Tennessee for a wedding and checked out some local art. We picked out our favorites. This was Zay's favorite.

This was my favorite.

And we both really liked this one.

Kal likes to climb up on our headboard and look out this basement window. And there's our bonsai tree, Mr. Miyagi. And a random Gears of War video game statue Zay has that I think is ridiculous, lol.

Back when it was snowing and it was never-ending and I was trying hard to appreciate the beauty of a Utah winter. :)

Helping me take out the trash.

Playing in the leaves.

Being so stinkin cute in his hat.

Date Night: BYU's art museum.

Chillin with the babysitter.
Switching hair colors for the upteenth time.

Out getting some hot wings at Iggy's.

He likes to be wrapped up like a burrito when he colors.

Coming from Church volleyball.

I'm pretty sure this hit me right in the face, lol.

Hanging out with friends.

This knucklehead of mine. :)

Ready for crazy Utah weather.

When spring finally tried to show up.

Shorts and long sleeves. Can't decide what to wear!

I like to burst into Kal's room in the mornings and take a picture. LOL. I'm so mean. He's NOT a morning person if he didn't wake up on his own.

Snow in April. Ugh.

Sometimes I don't know what to do with these two knuckleheads. Kal & Moo Moo.

His absolute favorite thing to do. Shoot baskets all day.

Trying to squeeze into our teeny tiny couch to watch a movie together.

Storytime at the Provo Library. Omg, way too many people there!

He, of course, found a picture of Superman at the Library!

Date Night

I'm sure there are a million more, but that's just a sample. :)

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