Thursday, August 22, 2013


Kal had his first rave! Ha ha.

Just glowsticks in his room with the lights off. But still a lot of fun. :)

Kal and I have a very.... goofy relationship. I'm just a silly, giddy person normally. I want to jump up and dance, race through the house, pillow fight, etc. Stay-at-home motherhood is kind of the best job ever when I think about how much I get to just be goofy. Of course Kal loves it. He's not as laid back as he once was... he is in full-on bouncing-off-the-walls toddler mode. He's always yelling, "C'mon!" when he wants me to come do something fun (which is every 2 seconds).

I spy a little Kal face. :)

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