Monday, August 19, 2013

The Vegetable Garden

This summer, I have attempted to grow a garden for the first time in my adult life. All by myself. A teeny tiny garden with only one type of vegetable. Tee hee!

This may seem like nothing to some of my farmer friends... or my super self-reliant friends who eat fresh veggies out of their garden every single day, even in the dead of winter (lol). But I am VERY proud of myself.

When I was a kid, my dad would have a huge garden every year and would give me and my little brother a plot to grow whatever we wanted. I'd always grow watermelons. I remember coyotes getting into them a lot and never getting to harvest much. But the actual gardening with my dad was so fun and has stuck with me forever. It taught me to enjoy working and love being outside, playing in the dirt. It was okay if I didn't have a lot of toys, because playing outside was free. :)

I want to teach Kal some basic gardening... but to do that, I need to learn myself. This is the first year we've had a yard to do something in. Too much apartment-living.

I puttered around this yard, without a clue. I dug up a patch of dirt (without a shovel or tiller or anything that would've actually been useful... I had a weird rake thing...). I kept thinking the dirt didn't feel very healthy. Kind of clay-like. I dug up two cinder blocks (who buries cinder blocks??). Kal helped with his toy shovel and a metal spoon.

I tried to follow the directions on the back of the seed packet. I watered it when I remembered (now Kal and I go out and check it almost everyday because he reminds me - he likes to hold the water hose). I never paid attention to how much I was watering it or anything. I started dumping my compost a few feet away, thinking that would give it some nourishment.

Something's happening!!!

Yay for Mother Nature knowing how to get things done even when I'm a terrible gardener! I'm very proud to see something GROWING!! I planted about 20 summer squash seeds in a big huge circle, thinking maybe 3 would pop up kind of spread out from each other. But 5 popped up, all in one little spot. Ha ha. So, we'll see if they fight each other for space.

This is from a couple weeks ago. I've actually got some squash growing now!

I actually had to look up how to cook squash. Lol. I'm pitiful.

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