Monday, September 30, 2013

Surrogacy on the Brain: Update on "Team Babies"

So, our friends who decided to go the surrogacy route rather than adoption (because they had a volunteer! so awesome) did indeed have triplets! It's so fun seeing this story pop up on different news sites.

Video of "A Sister-in-Law's Special Gift":

I love these 2! And their 3 little ones! SO ADORABLE!

I remember how it all went down, hearing Kim talk about it and watching them struggle with an adoption decision - it never felt right. Then one day Curtis came over to get a haircut and I knew they were waiting to see if the final in vitro "took"... and I was like, "Soooo? Did it work??" And he grinned and said, "There are 3 of them." I was so surprised!!! And he looked slightly scared, ha ha ha. I was so happy that Jamie and the babies stayed healthy throughout the pregnancy and grew so big and strong. What a beautiful little family! So, so happy that Kim can stay home with them and just breathe it all in and enjoy 3 little bundles of joy at once. I can't even imagine! She's got them on an awesome routine and is in the groove of motherhood now and I just love it. :)

Surrogacy isn't as far-fetched of an idea anymore, but you hear about it more from celebrities (like Jimmy Fallon - his daughter was born via surrogate) and not just your regular old folks! I'm happy to have witnessed this happy ending... well, really 3 new beginnings!

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