Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thyroid Lab Results

I got my lab results back yesterday (I wrote my last post about a week ago). From the looks of it, I may have hypothyroidism and a Vitamin D deficiency. I still need to sit down with my doctor and get her insights. But for now, this makes me happy!!! I was totally praying for something to be wrong with me, ha ha. That means I have answers!

My TSH is high, meaning my thyroid is under-active and the pituitary gland is producing more and more TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to get the thyroid to work (the pituitary tells the thyroid when it needs to step it up... and that's what the lab measures).

I've also read that the "normal" range for TSH is too broad and that a healthy thyroid would make it so that TSH levels are closer to about 1.0-1.5, so I'm going to keep that in mind as I seek treatment. I'm going to pay really close attention to my symptoms and give my doctor the boot if she doesn't listen to me and care about how I feel and respond to what I need to get healthy. I also want to keep going back and getting my thyroid tested every couple of months, whether my doctor recommends that or not. Because I want to be in charge of my health and not just rely on a doctor to do his/her job.

If anyone has any insight into thyroid problems, I want to hear from you! I didn't really even know what a thyroid was until I was about 25, even though it controls so much of your body and how you feel. I'm 28 now and I've probably been dealing with thyroid problems my whole life without a clue. Why don't doctors test for it more often in general?? It can be the cause for so many things (here's a really good list of over 300 symptoms). And specifically, why didn't my fertility specialists not think to do a simple blood test before getting into anything else when we were trying to get pregnant? Thyroid problems can keep you from being able to get pregnant AND be the cause of recurrent early miscarriages. Ugh. Come on now, doctors.

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