Thursday, October 10, 2013

*Cornrows by Alice Anne* - Part XI

What I love about doing hair is that I get to meet and establish relationships with SO many different people. MMA fighters (guys and girls), athletes from local colleges, little kids (many kids who were adopted), guys headed to the club, professional dancers (mostly guys), actors, Zumba girls, etc. It's just fun to get to interact with such a range of people all in a short period of time. And they come to me, so I don't even have to leave my front door. Some of them I can't even imagine I'd have ever met if I didn't do their hair, but many are such good friends now. Especially my fellow adoptive mamas. I love having such an awesome adoption community surrounding me.

Something about being a stylist gets people to talk to you about anything and everything, so I get my fill of talking (I love to talk, talk, talk), and unlike many stay-at-home moms... I get to have daily interaction with adults (adult conversation is one of those most-missed things when people become stay-at-home parents). And Kal gets daily interaction with other kids without me even having to try. It's just always a busy house around here, people coming in and out all day.

I love that Kal sees that we work hard. For a lot of people, their kids never see them working. Just that they left to "go to work," but Kal sees firsthand what it looks like for his parents to be working and making money to support the family. I hope that helps to instill a good work ethic in him. I'm sure once he's old enough, he'll be taught to cut hair. Zay can pass on the barber skills. :)

It's also nice that Kal gets to socialize so much. With other kids and with adults, all the time. He always thinks people are coming over just to see him. He thinks he's so special, ha ha. (Well, he is!)

Who knows where we'd be if we didn't have the talent to do hair! We definitely wouldn't have made as many friends as we have during all this time living in Utah. It's taught me a lot about being social, helped me put into practice the business skills I learned in college, and helped me appreciate and have confidence in one of my talents. It's taught Zay and I to work together as a team. It's provided us with the money to get me through college and now it's getting Zay through college as well.

When I'm exhausted and tired of being on my feet at the end of the day, I try to remember these things. :)

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