Friday, October 18, 2013

Home Births / Natural Births

Since we're on the topic of kids seeing parents naked...

I totally think that being modest and having privacy in an everyday setting is how we're going to handle things now that Kal isn't a baby anymore and he's learning about body parts and clothes, etc.

And thank you to those who shared hilarious stories of their kids walking in on them "in the act"!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! You guys crack me up.

BUT... I have to say, if/when I ever get pregnant.... And if I can summon the courage to plan the birth I've always envisioned... I would want Kal there. And nudity may be involved (of course). But I think he should most definitely be a part of my birthing experience. Him witnessing a sibling being born could be such an enriching, beautiful experience. It might help him appreciate and respect women (his birth mother for sure) and bond him to his sibling. And answer the question "where do babies come from?" for me. Ha ha.

Since I'm crazy obsessed with baby stuff (and have been for a few years now, geez!)... I seriously have imagined how I would like my birthing experience to be if I were ever to birth a child. It would be at home or a really nice birthing center. With Zay and my children and my caregivers. I'd be in a tub of warm water. Lights dim. Candles burning. Music playing. With a professional photographer and a videographer, because I would want to watch it back afterwards! I'd want people there rooting me on and making me laugh through the pain. Zay massaging my back. Being able to walk around, bounce on a ball, etc. Whatever my body needs to do rather than being tethered to a hospital bed.


I'm pretty sure I've romanticized this in my head and in reality I'll be in excruciating pain and yelling at everybody in the room. But let me dream, okay?! (And I know complications can arise and "birth plans" don't always work out.)

I think there's a difference between everyday nudity and having to be exposed to birth a child. That wouldn't scar him, would it? Have any of you had an older child present at the birth of a sibling? Or were YOU present at the birth of a sibling?

P.S. - I'm *not* pregnant. I'm just weird and think about this stuff a lot. ;)

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