Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homeschool Preschool - Getting Started

For the next 6 months or so, I'm planning to "home school" Kal. He's 2 1/2 years old and I think he's ready for a bit more structure than I've been giving him lately.

I don't know what I'm doing - I'm making it up as I go along and tailoring it to what he needs. I figure whatever I do will be beneficial this early in his life. And there's a billion resources online, so I'm just going to carve out dedicated "school" time every day with him and see where it takes me. :)

I won't be too organized. Annnnd, I may not do it every day actually. But I'll try.

Today was Day 1.


We started off singing the abc's. He actually does pretty well with this. He's got about half of it down.

We got on the computer and went to Youtube and watched the abc's:

I like the website Starfall too. So we went there and looked at the letter A.

Then we set up a little table and chair in his room as his "school" area. I drew a picture of an alligator, ant, apple, and a capital A and lowercase a. We colored them at his table. I don't know what it is about kids his age or if it's just boys or what, but he literally cannot sit still. He just runs back and forth, hops up and down, readjusts how he's sitting, and knocks stuff over. I'm just like, "Child! Can you sit still for a second please??"

I cut the pictures out and we put them on the fridge with magnets. He's fascinated with magnets lately, so just putting them on the fridge took up a good 15 minutes.

Then we went back to the computer and watched nursery rhymes about an alligator ("5 Little Monkeys") and an apple ("An Apple a Day"):

Then I found a cartoon about The Grasshopper and the Ants story (I like the old Walt Disney style cartoons):

Then I Google-searched some apples, alligators, and ants. He really liked the alligators, but he kept saying "woof, woof!" like it was a dog. Ha ha. I had to teach him that an alligator goes CHOMP, CHOMP!


We watched a slightly disturbing documentary about Jumping Jack Ants vs. a Huntsman Spider:

And then he got all excited and jumped off my lap and said, "Come on!" (swinging his arm in a circle to motion me to come with him) and opened the front door and took off. I soon figured out he wanted to look for ants on the sidewalk in front of our yard. Ha ha. Surprisingly (even though it's getting cold), we did find a lonely little ant carrying something and we got down on the ground and stared at it and I talked about what he was doing. I wondered to myself if ants ever got lost, because he seemed like he had no idea where he was going.

We kept on walking down the sidewalk and ended up at the park... where we played. :)

And that was Day 1 of home school preschool.

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