Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thyroid Doctor's Appointment

My multi-vitamin (prenatal vitamins are awesome ANY time), fish oil, Nature Throid, and Vitamin D drops.

I went in to talk about my lab test results with my doctor to see what insights she had for me and to get a prescription for thyroid medication (which I knew I would need).

I'm so glad I did so much research before I entered her office, because I knew she actually knew what she was talking about! She made me feel comfortable, cared about my symptoms, and was spot on with the numbers I wanted to shoot for on my labs. She didn't just go by the "normal" ranges. She said she wanted me to have a TSH level MUCH closer to 1 (mine was close to 5) rather than just getting it to 4.5 (considered "normal"). And she wanted my T3 and T4 hormones higher, even though the tests came back in the "normal" ranges. As I listened to her explain all this (and I acted like I didn't know anything), I thought to myself, Yay! I don't have to fight with an incompetent doctor to get good treatment!

She also recommended the exact thyroid medication that I thought would be the best to take (Nature Throid), but told me about all of them and asked which one I had a preference for.

I also liked that she was more worried about my nutrition and my Vitamin D levels than just medicating me, which is totally what I was looking for. Fixing my Vitamin D level (mine was REALLY low) will do a lot for my thyroid health anyway. Vitamin D deficiency can cause thyroid problems, which in turn can cause a myriad of hormonal problems, including anxiety and infertility.

Since my TSH was too high, but not severely high... I may be able to make some changes in my diet, including taking Vitamin D drops daily, and actually be able to get away with only taking the thyroid medication temporarily. Most people have to take it for the rest of their life. How amazing would it be to avoid that?? I'm not counting on it, but I'm already trying to make changes in my eating and exercising habits that I know I'll be able to stick with long-term. Just in case that does the trick and I can use natural remedies to correct my thyroid function rather than medication. It doesn't appear that I have an auto-immune disease, so that is GREAT!

My doctor asked me if I wanted to treat my thyroid aggressively (if I was trying to conceive), but I told her I wasn't trying to get pregnant yet and I wanted to take my time and gradually increase the medication until we find the right dose. She listened to me and actually agreed with that approach. It was nice to know she'd be a good resource when/if I try again to get pregnant, but for now I'm just trying to get healthy. And make permanent changes in the way I approach my health.

Nature Throid comes in grams and I'm taking 1/2 a gram a day. I have to actually cut my pills in half because they didn't come any smaller than that at the pharmacy I went to. I'll get my labs done again at the beginning of December to check on my progress. *crossing my fingers everything improves and I feel better!*

Side note: Everyone should get their thyroid tested... and their Vitamin D. Especially if you're a woman trying to conceive or just found out you're pregnant. Seriously. Do it. Ask your doctor.

Another side note: If you're taking a thyroid medication, remember to take it at the same time everyday. Make sure you take it at least an hour after and an hour before eating (I take it in the morning right when I wake up and then I don't eat for an hour while I'm getting ready for the day and doing morning chores). And take it at least 4 hours away from any other medication or vitamins (I don't even take mine with tap water if it has fluoride in it). They can affect the thyroid medication's absorption.

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