Thursday, November 21, 2013

All About My Cycles, Yall


I'm not used to having so many!!! I've had 6 this year and I just cannot fathom having any more than that. How do women do it?! I'm sure I've been more emotional than normal just due to adjusting to having a period twice as much as I used to.

If you have a 28 day cycle, that's only 4 weeks before the madness begins again! One week of omg-I-can-feel-it-coming, one week of bleeding to death, and one week of recuperating. That only leaves one week of sanity. That's only 25% of the time when thoughts and feelings are coherent!

Before our TTC journey began originally, I had 1-3 cycles per year. Then I started taking fertility meds and they forced periods to happen, so that was no fun. Since I stopped taking them, I've had more periods spontaneously on my own (without meds) than ever before, and they're increasing. They're still not regular (I'll skip 2 months and then have 3 cycles in 3 months, for example), but I'm definitely having a lot more. (I've been using the Fertility Friend app to document my cycles for like 4 years... I have all kinds of charts and data! ha ha ha...)

On those shows like "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," I laugh when girls say they had no idea they were pregnant right up until they start going into labor... because it's kind of ridiculous to not know. But then I always thought that could be me. Seriously. Because "being late" or "missing a period" doesn't mean anything to my body. If I didn't have too many other symptoms, I might just think I was getting fat.

Anyway, I'm back to thinking about all this lately. Trying to prep my body for TTC again. Not yet, but maybe soon. I'm not sure. When I'm ready... and I'm getting there.

Only 4 months to go till Miss H has her baby. I'm still crossing my fingers that she wants to place with us, but honestly I don't know. I'll write about that soon. I'm very confused about it.

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