Sunday, November 3, 2013

David Archuleta on an LDS Mission


Saw an article on David Archuleta recently and it made me so happy! His team is still releasing videos while he's away on a mission for our Church to keep the fans happy while he's away. His welcome home party will be amazing, I'm sure. He's in the middle of spending 2 years in Chile, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people there.

I wasn't always a fan of David Archuleta. I wasn't all fan-girl about him like so many girls in Utah were when he was on American Idol. And when EVERYONE likes something/someone, it kind of makes me shy away from whatever/whoever it is. Ha ha. But when he said he was going on a mission, I FELL IN LOVE!!!

Anyone who knows anything about the LDS Church knows how important that decision to go on a mission is. I didn't go on one and I regret it. I missed that opportunity. So did my husband. He chose to marry me instead of going on a mission. And it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit that he wishes he had chosen differently. It would've been better for both of us if we had spent those years dedicated to serving God in the unique way that serving a mission allows. It changes your whole life.

A huge highlight in a young LDS member's life is opening their mission call letter. Surrounded by friends and family, reading aloud where you are called to serve. :) Ahhhh! It's so exciting. We went to a friend's mission call reading earlier this year and I was grinning the whole time, so so proud of him for making that choice and setting aside college basketball plans to do so. It's such a spiritual moment. I don't know of anything else I can compare it to.

I'm a dork and I even watch videos of mission calls from people I don't know, ha ha ha. I liked the "LDS Mission Calls" Facebook page where people share their videos. I cry every single time I watch one. I love the faith required to live worthy to serve a mission and then sacrifice time and money and other plans to do so. When I see young people today living up to such high standards, it is a HUGE inspiration to me. To be able to accomplish that in today's world with today's temptations and distractions, it's an amazing thing to see.

Zay cuts hair for a lot of guys who are approaching mission age and my heart goes out to him as he tries to encourage them to make good decisions and to prepare to go on a mission. Not all of them follow through. Some of them do. I know it breaks his heart when he sees them making similar mistakes in their youth that he did, but the happiest I've seen him is when he's watched a struggling youth turn their life around and serve a successful mission. It affects him. I know he wants to work with youth in general and make a difference somehow, even if it's just relating to them and encouraging them in what they're capable of. That's his passion in life and where he wants to go with his career.

Back to David Archuleta (I mean, Elder Archuleta), I remember him saying that he wasn't sure about serving a mission because he felt like singing was his mission, but when he finally announced that he was going (at a concert in Salt Lake City), the mostly LDS audience went nuts! Yeah, we're that serious about it. I was so super proud of him for sticking to his faith despite being such a big star at such a young age... I'm sure it's hard to stay strong being thrown into that kind of atmosphere (being famous) with all that attention. But he's such a genuine guy and I hope he's learning all God wants him to learn while he's away.

Video of David Archuleta's mission announcement:

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