Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

I've been busy, busy, busy doing hair lately. Didn't have the energy to come up with Halloween costumes for Zay & me. But Kal's at the age where Halloween is super fun for him now! I got it in my head that I was going to make his costume, when I've never done anything like that before. I spent like an entire day working on it. Caught up on some shows and burned myself with hot glue a few times, but ta-da! I was pretty proud of making something that actually withstood all the trick-or-treating and Halloween parties!

DIY no-sew Pocoyo Halloween Costume

He went as Pocoyo, the main character in one of his favorite TV shows.
I carried around this book in case no one knew who he was supposed to be. :)

We had a church party (trunk-or-treat plus chilli cook-off), work party at Zay's job (wish I had pictures from that one!), and a good friend of mine threw a party to get together with her friends with kids - it was so fun to catch up and watch our kids play together.

The only picture I got with me in it. None with Zay. Kal's the center of attention, I guess!

Rick James look-alike. Actually, he was just playing with my synthetic hair extensions that I use for braids sometimes. Didn't think of using them for Halloween!

These made me gag just looking at them!

Halloween Bingo

I was  proud of my spiderweb decorations. Took me like 15 minutes, ha ha ha.

Halloween Paint Craft
This was such a fun craft! I painted the bottom of Kal's feet for the ghosts and his arm/hand for the tree. Then he painted grass and a moon and "helped" with the pumpkins (mostly messed them up, lol). He had so much fun. :)

Being weird... She's all, "Whaaaat?"

It has been SO fun to scroll through my Facebook/Instagram and see all my friends' kids' Halloween costumes! The cuteness overload, oh my goodness! I think Halloween may make a comeback as my favorite holiday. :)

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