Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Little Stud - #ToddlerModel

It's getting ready to snow around here. The mountains are covered already, so we're just waiting for it to really hit the valley. We've been trying to enjoy the Fall before Winter decides to take over. The leaves in our yard have been gorgeous! And falling heavily. So I made it my project to get some good Fall shots of Kal this week.

I brought out my good camera and everything. But he would NOT stand still for pictures. Of course he wouldn't! He just kept running away from me, ha ha. But I got some decent ones to send to family and that made me happy.

This boy is growing up so fast! And he's so doggone cute, I can't stand it! We have a model friend who's always telling us we need to get Kal into modeling. But really - how do they get any 2-year-old model to stand still??

Toddler Model

90% of the time he runs when I want to take a picture! Ha ha.

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