Sunday, November 10, 2013

When Adoption's Done Right

We were featured over at The R House blog today. CLICK HERE and go read it! And ignore my cheesy smile in the picture, ha ha.

When I first began blogging back in 2009, I followed only two blogs... and The R House was one of them. (The other was my friend's blog Baby Makin' Machine.) And I still read them both today, so that should say something about them. :)

Mrs. R highlighted this quote of mine:

"When adoption is done right (ethically, for the right reasons, and with the child in mind), it can be so beautiful - an answer to prayers on the side of the birth family AND on the side of the adoptive family."

And I still whole-heartedly believe that. Even when I'm submerged in the uncertainty that is trying-to-adopt.


Since we've set ourselves a DEADLINE for adopting... it's a little easier. We know all of it will be over soon - the uncertainty, the fear of rejection, the insecurity of are-we-good-enough?, the comparison to other happy adoption stories, the hoping but not being able to be too hopeful, the picking-ourselves-apart, the proving-that-we're-good-parents, etc. I can't imagine going this route for years and years on end. So it's nice to know there's an end in sight. March 2014 will be a really happy time... or another reality check, depending on whether our current match ends up working out or not. Either way, the domestic infant adoption madness will be over!

I'm just reaching the end of my ability to stay positive. I think any normal person will go insane trying to adopt an infant. It's only a matter of time. Good thing I submitted that post months ago when I was still thrilled about things! Ha ha. It was nice to hear my own words comforting me right now. Cuz I'm getting a tad bit loopy.

Pretending to be dinosaurs... or crazy people, either way.

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