Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

At some point in December, Kal got sick. It started with gunky eyes and then it was a cough. He brought that back with him from our trip. And then I caught it. Then Zay caught it. And it got worse no matter what we did. Cold medicine, hot steamy showers, cough drops, essential oils, vapor rub on the bottom of the feet, cool mist humidifier, etc. Bundling up and going outside to breathe in the cold air was a temporary fix for the cough, but it would always come back. Especially at night. Kal had a fever for two days, but we got that down pretty quickly. But the cough was terrible. Hacking. All 3 of us. Nose-blowing. Death cough. We finally went to the doctor the day after Christmas and got antibiotics and it looks like we had a bacterial sinus infection, because it was all up in our sinuses and not in our chest/lungs. And the antibiotics helped immediately. Could've sworn we were gonna have strep throat or pneumonia or something. So glad it wasn't!
Our little photographer went around taking pictures at doctors' offices.

But despite all that, it really was a great time! Zay had almost a week off of work and we didn't do a DANG THING. It was amazing. That never happens. We are ALWAYS doing hair. Even holidays and weekends we squeeze people in where we can. But we didn't for days and days. We had two excuses - it was Christmas and we were sick. So we got out of everything. I cooked a huge breakfast Christmas morning and we were so full off of nibbling on that all day that I cooked the dinner I had planned the day after Christmas instead. I love cooking for holidays. And somehow I always pull it off. I'm doing so much better with my cooking lately! I'm impressed with myself. :)

Kal broke out his Christmas Eve pj's. We had hot chocolate and watched The Polar Express (as much as Kal would watch before he got bored). We had Christmas cookies and sparkling cider. We read The Night Before Christmas. We read Luke Chapter 2 and walked Kal through the story with our Nativity Scene (ever since then the baby Jesus keeps going missing and Kal has hidden Him in various places in the house). I had my very scraggly Christmas tree up and decorated. I told Zay it looked like a Grinch tree... one that was stripped and rolled up to be shoved up the chimney. Next year we'll do better, ha.

He set up the Nativity and then took pictures of it. Ha ha. I think he's taking after me!

The boys got some basketball watching in.

Christmas day Kal was soooo excited about his bicycle (it's what he asked for) and we took him out to ride it, but he had no idea how to push the pedals. I don't think his legs were long or strong enough yet. We've been practicing since then. Most of his presents had already been opened, so we threw them all back under the tree and had him "open" them again. This is probably the last year we can get away with that. ;) He gets so excited about the smallest little gift. He's such a good boy. Mostly he got clothes and books. And he loved everything.

He's like, "I don't get it."

He mostly just wanted to ignore new stuff and play basketball instead.

Zay got me the Boy Meets World series as one of my gifts, so we started watching that and got addicted and we've already gotten to Season 3. That was my favorite show back when it was on TGIF. I was totally in love with Shawn, but now when I'm watching it I realize how awesome Cory's older brother Eric was! I think he reminded me too much of my brothers at the time. I love, love, love that show. One of my top 5 faves.


And of course Zay got his PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as his gifts (mostly they're OUR gifts), so we've been playing those. He got me Dead Rising 3 (zombie game), so I've been cutting up zombies with firemen axes and whatnot. You know, good old-fashioned Christmas traditions.


Zay and Kal playing what Kal calls the "kick robots game"

We played in the snow. It was a beautiful white Christmas! During peaceful moments I'd play the "fireplace show" on Netflix and turn off all the lights and pretend we had an actual fireplace. Ha ha. Christmas day was the only day of the whole year that I allowed Christmas music to be played in my house. I couldn't handle it more than that.

Moo Moo

After our snowman started melting, HIS FACE FELL OFF! It creeped me out a little.

So over the snow.

My brother came over on Christmas day and it was so good to see him happy and doing well. We called and talked to family. Our friends and neighbors stopped by with cute Christmas treats (Mormons are so awesome in that way). There is never a shortage of sweets! And some were nice enough to bring us a frozen meal and homemade chicken noodle soup when they knew we were sick. So nice!!!

We are recovering nicely now. Slight lingering cough/congestion. But definitely feeling tons better and have already started trying to work off the holiday calories. :)

I am so, so, so, so excited for 2014! It gets me so pumped up thinking about a NEW YEAR and getting to start over in some ways and make goals and do things better/differently. So I'm working on my resolution list and thinking about what I want our family to accomplish in the new year. But first I need to go back and review 2013 and look at where we were at the beginning of last year and what we've accomplished/learned in the last year. From the looks of it, 2013 suuuucked. But I'm gonna find something positive to document about it. And then I'll be happy to leave it in the past. Let's go, 2014! Everything looks merry and bright from here!

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